Power Generation using See-Saw

Power generation using see-saw shows how energy can be tapped and used at a commonly used system. Due to urbanization, number of public parks and playgrounds are increasing day by day. A large amount of potential energy is available to be conserved into useful electrical energy to be used at the night.

There is great possibility of tapping this energy and generating power which can be used for the lamps in the playground areas and nearby application.

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This project, “Power Generation using See-Saw”, is a proof of concept work, where playground equipment is implemented for power generation. In using a seesaw design, this project is able to show how a simple mechanical motion could be transformed into electrical power. A seesaw power generator is designed and constructed to demonstrate its feasibility. Results show that with some modification and improvement to the current design, the seesaw indeed provides a viable method to produce electricity.

Package include :

  • 1 x Power Generation using See-Saw
  • Design Software: CATIA.

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