Power Generation using Railway Track

the main concept is to trap the momentum of the train using a spring suspension system which converts the kinetic energy to potential energy and stores in it and later, transferring that energy to a rack and pinion gear arrangement. The gear assembly is connected to a dc generator which produces electrical power.

Simple mechanical and electrical components are used and assembled together to produce maximum efficiency from the system by reducing power losses. The overall assembly is placed over a rigid steel frame and components like springs, hinges, rack and pinion, spur gears are used to demonstrate the application of the system.

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Energy conservation is the cheapest new source of energy. It is an attractive technology for optimal use of available sources. This project attempts to show how energy can be tapped and used at a commonly used system, the railway system. The railway network in India is growing day by day. There is possibility of tapping the energy and generating power by making the railway tracks as a power generation unit.

Package include :

  • 1 x Power Generation using Railway Track
  • Power Source: we provide 9 volt Battery
  • Required Software: CATIA

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