Pedal Powered Electricity Generation

The main objective of this project is to utilize the human power to produce electrical energy. The basic principle of this project is to convert Human Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy using a DC Generator. The Input Low Speed- High Torque Human Powered Pedal Energy is transmitted as well as converted into an Output High Speed Rotary Motion of the DC Generator in order to produce Electricity. For power transmission purpose, a Chain- Sprocket assembly as well as a Belt – Pulley Drive is used to efficiently transmit power, speed and torque throughout the system.

The system consists of a Bicycle, Dynamo, Belt drive and other support accessories to demonstrate the application.

12,849.00 13,599.00 incl. GST

People use bicycles as the main medium of transportation in villages. In India, many of the villages are still without electricity and most of them use bicycle as their medium of transportation. In such places, our system will be of great help. Charging of the battery can be done by a layman by just connecting the circuit to the output of the dynamo which is connected to the bicycle.

Package include :

  • 1 x Pedal Powered Electricity Generation

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