Robotics Training Programme

It’s a proud moment to announce that we at PRAYOG India are introducing a new online robotics training programme. This training programme is custom-designed to meet the elementary skills of students from school to university. Students from class VI onwards till engineering can register for this programme. The training will be provided at just Rs.99/ only.

Last date of registration is 10th of January 2021.Applicants registering on or before 10th of January will only be entertained.

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Training Syllabus Module:

Module Sl.No. Chapters
I 1 Introduction to Robotics
2 Robotics in Daily life
3 Benefits of learning Robotics
4 Discussion about career and higher education in robotics
5 Introduction to basic and different versions of industrial robotics
6 Start-up ideas with robotics
II Introduction to basic circuits
1 Study of electronics and electrical components
2 Introduction to Bread board
3 Electric resistance
4 Resistance colour code
5 Series and parallel connection
6 Series and parallel using led
III Introduction to Switching
1 Use of Multimeter
2 Use of SPST Switch
3 Use of SPDT switch
4 Use of push button switch with bread board
5 Staircase circuit with SPDT switch
6 Use of diodes
7 Use of Transistors
IV 1. Introduction to Sensors
2. Introduction to IR sensor
3. Introduction to LDR sensor
4. IR based security system
5. LDR based automatic street light
6. Designing an intruder alarm
V 1. Introduction to 555 IC
2. Timer circuit using 555 IC
3. Led chaser using 555 IC
VI 1. Introduction to Arduino uno
2. Introduction to Arduino Ide
3. Introduction to Arduino Programming
4. Led blinker program
5. Use of button with Arduino
6. Traffic light project
7. Automatic street light project.

2. Basic Hardware Requirements for the training session: –

  • Candidate must have a laptop or Desktop.
  • Candidate must have elementary electronics kit which includes the following components. These components are easily available at nearby any of the Local electronics shop who deals in circuitry parts.

The list of components are as follows:

  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller – 1 Pcs
  • Arduino communication cable – 1 Pcs
  • Standard size Bread board – 1 Pcs
  • Resistors Kit – 1 resistor KIT box of different values
  • 5mm Led’s in different colors – Red + Yellow + Green + Blue (Each 5 pcs)
  • Diodes-IN4007 – 2 Pcs
  • Transistor-BC- 547 – 2 Pcs
  • 5mm LDR sensor – 1 Pcs
  • IR sensor Module – 1 Pcs
  • Jumper wire Male to Male – 20 Pcs
  • Jumper wire Male to Female – 10 Pcs
  • Piezo Buzzer – 1 Pcs
  • 10K Potentiometer – 1 Pcs
  • 555 Timer IC – 1 Pcs
  • Hook-up wire – 1 Pcs
  • Small size screw driver – 1 Pcs

3. Online sessions will be conducted through Zoom/Webinar.

4. Candidate must have proper Internet Connection.

5. Training Schedule

  • The tentative date for commencement of Training is 15th January 2021
  • Training will be scheduled on each alternate day of week following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • The session will be from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
  • The entire session will be completed in seven days

6. Certification: After the completion of successful course program certificate will be provided to the students by PRAYOG INDIA and This certificate will be recognized by the Govt. of India under MSME.

Note: Registered candidates will be shared the link to join the programme through registered WhatsApp No or Email.

For any query related to this Online Robotics program or any Technical Queries, You can call / WhatsApp on: +91 6287650123

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