Dual Power Source As Wind And Solar Power

Wind and solar hybrid power generation overcomes the shortage of solar power and wind power complementary. It is an intelligent, small scale and off-grid system. Composed of solar modules and the wind turbine, PV deep cycle batteries, controller and a LED streetlight, this model takes solar/wind as energy source and utilizes the energy for electricity generation.

10,399.00 10,799.00 incl. GST

This project, “Dual Power Source As Wind And Solar Power” is an innovative wind and solar powered hybrid power generation concept which can not only produce light by using renewable energy, also it’s a boost to an everyday object that can operate completely off-grid. This concept was derived from the effort of designers to create a more sustainable future that integrates a range of reusable energy technologies into everyday life objects.

Package include :

  • 1 x Dual Power Source As Wind And Solar Power

12V Battery is provided.

Design Software: CATIA.

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