Power generation using suspension

This model is a small prototype to understand the fundamentals of this project. The conceptual idea behind the mechanism of this project is the same as one of those used in the former ideas of producing electricity when vehicles move over speed breakers.

Our design uses extremely simple ideas and mechanisms to achieve a complex set of actions and is intended to imitate the actions of the operators. We have used Dynamo motor, chain sprocket assembly, spur gears, welded iron chassis, springs, nut bolts with required accessories.

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This Project, “Power generation using suspension”, is basically a new concept of non-conventional energy generation. It is an electro-mechanical energy generating machine in which reciprocating motion from suspension is converted in to rotary motion. The rotational power is stored in flywheel which rotates a dynamo, which generates electricity. The flywheel stores energy from the power source during the greater portion of the operating cycle and gives it up during a small period of the cycle. Thus the energy from power source to the machines is supplied practically at a constant rate throughout the operation.

Package include :

  •  1 x Power generation using suspension

Design Software: CATIA.

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