SeeedStudio Grove Water Sensor

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  1. Working voltage: 4.75V to 5.25V
  2. Working humidity (without condensation): 10% to 90%
  3. Working temperature: 10℃ to 30℃
  4. Current: <20mA
  5. High sensitivity
  6. Grove compatible interface
  7. Low power consumption

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Do you want a device to detect level of water and to indicate that level? So for you, we are presenting the Grove – Water Sensor v1.1. This sensor is made up of interlaced traces of ground and sensor signals. It indicates whether the sensor is dry, damp or completely immersed in water by measuring conductivity; furthermore, it detects the presence of water using its exposed PCB traces.

The traces of this sensor have a weak pull-up resistor of 1 MΩ. The resistor will pull the sensor trace value high until a drop of water shorts the sensor trace to the grounded trace. This circuit will work with digital I/O pins of Arduino or you can use it with the analog pins to detect the amount of water induced on contact between the grounded and sensor traces. You can use this sensor as a rainfall detecting device, liquid leakage detector, or tank overflow detector.

For all Grove users (especially beginners), Seeed Studio provides guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface – Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before using the product. This is a suitable product for not only Grove users but also all electronic enthusiasts. So, why wait? Buy now!


  1. Grove compatible interface
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Small size
  4. High sensitivity

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1 x Grove – Water Sensor v1.1

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