HC-42 6pin Bluetooth 5.0BLE Serial Port Module

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  1. Frequency Band: 2.4G.
  2. Air Rate: 1Mbps/2Mbps.
  3. Working Voltage: 1.8~3.6V.
  4. Antenna: PCB internal antenna.
  5. Shutdown Current: 0.3μA.
  6. Working Temperature: -25℃~+75℃.
  7. Reference Distance: 40m/2Mbps.

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The HC-42 6pin Bluetooth 5.0BLE Serial Port Module is a new generation of digital transmission module based on the Bluetooth BLE V5.0 Bluetooth protocol. The working frequency band is 2.4GHz ISM, and the modulation method is GFSK. The module’s maximum transmit power is 4dBm and the receiving sensitivity is -96dBm.

The HC-42 6pin Bluetooth 5.0BLE Serial Port Module uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol. The main difference between Bluetooth and BLE is power consumption. Bluetooth consumes more power than BLE but can handle a lot of data. BLE is more appropriate for quickly transferring small amounts of data between nearby devices. BLE is less power-hungry, so the devices running this protocol can operate for years with a small battery; perfect for IoT!

Note: The product dimensions may have ±2% error. Color also may vary due to light effect.

Specifications :

  1. Part Number: HC-42D
  2. Version: BLE 5.0
  3. Module Size: 37mm *15.6 mm
  4. Frequency Band: 2.4G
  5. Air Rate: 1Mbps/2Mbps
  6. Working Voltage: 1.8~3.6V
  7. Antenna: PCB internal antenna
  8. Shutdown Current: 0.3μA
  9. Communication Interface: UART
  10. Sensitivity: -96dBm@1Mbps
  11. Level: 1.8~3.6V,Same to Working Voltage
  12. Working Humidity: 10%~90%
  13. Transmit Power: -40~4dBm
  14. Storage Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  15. Reference Distance: 40m/2Mbps(BLE 5.0)
  16. Working Temperature: -25℃~+75℃

Package Includes : 

1 x HC-42 6pin Bluetooth 5.0BLE Serial Port Module.

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