Four Legged Walking Machine

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This machine with legs can travel over all the obstacles that come in its path with an adequate speed. There are many types of locomotion like wheels, legs, crawlers, etc. Among these types, the legged locomotion is the most suitable system to negotiate rough surface, because it has an advantage of selecting the ground contacting points of the foot freely, self balanced, stable walking.

8,799.00 9,000.00 incl. GST

This Project, “Four Legged Walking Machine”, is a four legged walking robot. It is a new concept in robots, designed with mechanical and electrical components and differs from conventional robot design in how the body and the legs move. We have used light weight components for designing this model with materials like foam board, aluminum pierce strips.

These types of walking machine can be used in a wide variety of applications including: space exploration, surveillance, Off-road driving, Military applications, home security system and toys.

Package include :

  •  1 x Four Legged Walking Machine

1. 12V Adapter is provided as a power source.

2. DPDT Switch is provided to control the direction of DC Motor rotation.

3. Design Software: CATIA.

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