DSM501A PM2.5 Dust Sensor Module for Arduino, Air-Conditioners

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  1. Can sense tobacco smoke and pollen, house dust and so on.
  2. It can measure 1 micron or more of small particles.
  3. Small size, lightweight, easy to install.
  4. 5 V input circuit for signal processing.
  5. Built-in airflow generator, you can attract the external atmosphere.

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DSM501A PM2.5 Dust Sensor Module can sense that tobacco smoke and pollen, house dust, such as heating automatic suction device, adjustable resistance is set up to detect the size of the dust. Using the same as the particle counter principle as the foundation, to detect the absolute number of particles per unit volume.

Main features:

  1. PWM output mode
  2. Compact, lightweight
  3. Easy to install
  4. A single power supply


  1. Air purifiers and air cleaners
  2. Air-conditioning
  3. The air quality monitoring instrument
  4. Air conditioning and other related products.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Type: Dust Sensor
  2. Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  3. Material: Plastic, aluminum, PCB
  4. Output: Analog Sensor
  5. Theory: smoke Sensor
  6. Usage: Dust Sensor
  7. Cable Length: 18cm
  8. Weight:25g
  9. The optical principle, be able to detect more than 1-micron dust particles
  10. The two output modes, solve different sensitivity requirements, high output signal Vout clean environment (4V)
  11. Detecting particles range: up to 8000pcs / 283ml (1um particles above).

Package Includes:

1 x DSM501A PM2.5 Dust Sensor Module for Arduino, Air-Conditioners.

1 x Connecting Cable.

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