CE30-D Solid State ToF Infrared 3D LIDAR

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  1. Model: CE30-D
  2. Complete Solid-state LiDAR
  3. Area array detecting
  4. Wide horizontal FoV: >120°
  5. Vertical FoV: 9°
  6. Depth and point cloud mode
  7. Peak Wave Length: 850nm
  8. FoV: 60 x 4 degree (direct output), 102*9 degree (undistorted)

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CE30-D Solid State 3D LIDAR Wide FOV LiDAR Sensor is a solid-state infrared LiDAR which is developed based on the ToF principle. Equipped with its special hardware design, it could complete the measurement of wide horizontal FOV and output the grey and depth information at the same time.

Mechanical single channel LiDAR is pretty common in our life, but two problems cannot be neglected, i.e. short lifespan and high price due to the rotating measurement mode.
Benewake launches CE30, a solid-state LiDAR with large FoV. It could simultaneously output grey and depth information within 60° horizontal FoV and 4° vertical FoV. Meanwhile, no mechanical rotating components exist internally, so higher reliability and stability could be ensured.
Based on the optimized obstacle avoidance mode, the region of interest (ROI) can be customized to focus on the obstacle information in the ROI and enable unimpeded driving. It can be applied in the general vehicle field, including Automated Guided Vehicle (AVG, such as intelligent warehouse vehicle), autopilot cars and industrial automation, etc.


The principle of Ranging :

The ranging principle of CE30 is based on Time of Flight (TOF). The modulated near-infrared light is emitted from CE30, which will be reflected by an object and received by CE30 again. CE30 calculates the phase difference and time difference between the emitted and received light to determine the distance between the CE30 and a detected object.

Solid-State ToF Infrared LiDAR CE30-D

Its horizontal field of view is 60 degrees and vertical field of view is 4 degrees. Compared with single-line LiDAR, CE30 has a wider vertical FoV and therefore the object can be better recognized.  In a measuring period, each frame will detect a different distance range. The LiDAR combines all these frames to get all distance data within measuring range.

Solid-State ToF Infrared LiDAR CE30-D

CE30-D has 20 lines in vertical direction, and the vertical angle resolution is 0.2 degree, so that CE30-D has more precise resolution capacity. The communication protocol stipulates that the length of all commands is fixed to 50 bytes. If the actual length of the command string is shorter than 50 bytes, the last should be filled with 0x00 after the end of command string to reach the length of 50 bytes. After the LiDAR is powered up, a command is needed to start measurement.

Comparison Chart between CE30-A, CE30-C and CE30-D Module:

Comparison Chart between CE30-A and CE30-C Module

Features :

  1. Complete Solid-state LiDAR
  2. Area array detecting
  3. Solid-state system (no rotating components)
  4. Can detect lower obstacles (perfect for AGV or UAV applications)
  5. Large measuring range: max to 30 meters with a centimeter-level accuracy
  6. High resolution: angular resolution reach to 0.19 degree (3 mrad)
  7. FOV 60*4 degrees / Accuracy: ≤15cm

Package Includes :

1 x CE30-D LiDAR Sensor.
1 x Power supply cable.
1x CAN BUS Connector.

Note:- This Sensor Is Available For Preorder Only, Delivery Time After Order – 15 To 20 Days.

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