PIC18F4520 Flash 40-pin 32kB Microcontroller

  • Power Management Features
  • Run: CPU on, Peripherals on
  • Idle: CPU off, Peripherals on
  • Sleep: CPU off, Peripherals off
  • Ultra Low 50nA Input Leakage
  • Run mode Currents Down to 11 μA Typical
  • Idle mode Currents Down to 2.5 μA Typical
  • Sleep mode Current Down to 100 nA Typical
  • Timer1 Oscillator: 900 nA, 32 kHz, 2V
  • Watchdog Timer: 1.4 μA, 2V Typical

264.00 267.00 incl. GST

PIC18F4520 Flash 40-pin 32kB 40MHz Microcontroller (Microchip).

Package includes :

1 x PIC18F4520 Flash 40-pin 32kB Microcontroller


40-pin Low Power Microcontroller

Flash Program Memory: 32 kbytes

EEPROM Data Memory: 256 bytes

SRAM Data Memory: 1536 bytes

I/O Pins: 36

Timers: One 8-bit / Three 16-Bit

A/D Converter: 10-bit Thirteen Channels

PWM: 10-bit Two Modules

Enhanced USART: Addressable with RS-485, RS-232 and LIN Support

MSSP: SPI and I²C Master and Slave Support

External Oscillator: up to 40MHz

Internal Oscillator: 8MHz

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