Kamoer 24V 0.17A 1100ml/min Mini Vacuum Pump

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  1. Mini Vacuum Pump
  2. High-Quality Brushless DC Motor
  3. Longer Life
  4. High Performance to Price Ratio

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When pumping liquids and no direct contact with the liquid is required, the all-new range of mini diaphragm pumps from kamoer offers a simple solution. Unlike most pumps, diaphragm pumps are designed based on positive displacement pumps, which is powered by the rotation of the motor. The eccentric vane drives the rubber inside to reciprocate, forming absorbing and discharging force to pump air. This pump requires a 24 V DC supply and can produce a flow rate up to 1100ml per minute. If speed control is required we suggest using a simple PWM signal.

  1. PM 2.5 testing
  2. 3D printers
  3. Medical equipment
  4. Health care and beauty equipment
  5. Automation equipment


  1. Longe life brushless DC motor
  2. Low noise
  3. Small size and powerful
  4. High-Quality EPDM diaphragm material
  5. PWM adjustable speed, a wide range of flow control

Package Includes:

1 x Kamoer 24V 0.17A 1100ml/min mini vacuum pump Model KVP04-1.1-24

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