Kamoer 24V 1A 32ml/min BTP Tube Liquid Pump

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  1. Suitable for pumping viscous, non-viscous liquid
  2. High-quality BPT tubing
  3. Low noise level
  4. Ultra-small size and compact structure

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When pumping liquids and no direct contact with the liquid is required, the all-new range of peristaltic pumps from kamoer offers a simple solution. Unlike most pumps, the KFS series pumps come with a 24V stepper motor as based motor, which squishes a silicone tube to produce the pump-action instead of impelling it directly, thus no direct contact with the liquid. This pump requires a 24 V DC supply and can produce a flow rate of up to 32ml per minute. The stepper motor gives precise control to the dispersion of the liquid while compared to the other motors.

  1. Cleaning equipment.
  2. Dishwashing facilities.
  3. Cleaning robots.
  4. Analytical instruments and scientific experiments.
  5. Liquid separation equipment.
  6. House application.


  1. Suitable for viscous, non-viscous liquid transmission.
  2. Ultra-small size and compact structure.
  3. Thicker tubing wall to withstand higher pressure.
  4. Longer service life.
  5. Lowest noise level.
  6. High-quality tube material.

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1 x Kamoer 24V 1A 32ml/min BTP Tube Liquid Pump

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