DS212 Mini Pocket Portable Oscilloscope


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  1. Absolutely Open Hardware
  2. Rising/falling edge trigger
  3. Compact rectangular housing
  4. Large display screen
  5. Buttons on the side
  6. Mini pocket-sized
  7. Compact and lightweight
  8. Store file as BMP, DAT, BUF, or CSV format
  9. Use built-in flash disk to save/read waveform image
  10. Math waveforms: DATA, -DATA, Inp+D, Inp-D, -Inp
  11. Output test signal: 10Hz—1MHz (1-2-5 sequence step)
  12. Synchronous mode: auto, normal, single, none, scan

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Available on backorder

The DSO series oscilloscope is an Open Hardware pocket-size compatible 32bit digital storage oscilloscope, it based on ARM -M3, equipped with 320 x 240 colour display, SD card, USB port and recharging function. It’s compact, simple to operate; meets the basic demands of school lab, electric furniture repairment and electric engineering. As all the hardware/firmware are open for hackers, It can be also a good STM32 platform for hackers DIY Projects.

DS212 is the upgrade version of the DS202, with new design of two gear for controlling, it is very convenient for testing.it is a 2-channel digital oscilloscope. It is in a new design – two gear for controlling, very convenient for testing. It supports USB flash disk storage and USB charging. It is widely applicable in the academic experiment, electronics maintenance, electronic engineering tasks, etc.
Main Highlights:

The slim and compact design can fit perfectly inside your pocket, without losing any of the integral features found in a full-sized oscilloscope!


System stores files in BMP, DAT, BUF, or CSV format. Uses a built-in flash disk to save/read waveform images. Math waveforms are as follows: DATA, -DATA, Inp+D, Inp-D, -Inp. Output test signal: 10Hz—1MHz (1-2-5 sequence step). Can be used in a wide range of environments including academic, electronic maintenance, electronic engineering, etc.

LCD Screen:

The 2.8inch full-colour TFT LCD screen provides a rich display for its smaller size.


A built-in 500mAH rechargeable lithium battery provides power for your oscilloscope use, rechargeable through a mini USB port.

Large Storage:

Comes with a built-in 8MB storage for saving waveform data and images!


1. Outdoor maintenance (AC / DC switching power supply or inverter, elevator and building fire-fighting equipment, industrial control circuit, etc…)

2. Hardware maintenance or software debugging of RS232, RS485, I2C, CAN and other communications interface circuits, LED display and keyboard scan driver circuit, the brushless motor drive circuit

3. Analyze audio devices and circuits, electronic toys and remote control models, automotive electronics circuits

4. Academic use provided practice for student development of small electronic production

5. Observe signal changes in certain circuits (such as relay and switch contacts jitter, battery charge and discharge curve, the load transient response power supply, temperature sensor characteristic measurement, etc…)

6. Power supply related electronic circuits (SCR voltage regulation, power factor correction, electronic energy-saving lamps, sodium lamps, dysprosium lamp mercury xenon lamps lamp drive circuit, etc…)



  1. Rising/Falling edge trigger
  2. Store file as BMP, DAT, BUF, or CSV format
  3. Math waveforms:-A,-B,A+B,A-B,Rec A,RecB,RecC
  4. Synchronous mode: Auto, Normal, Single, None, Scan
  5. Inbuilt 8MB U disk storage for waveform data and images
  6. Case side thumbwheel control
  7. Screen: 2.8″ Full Color TFT LCD Display (320X240 pixels)
  8. Recharging through Micro USB port
  9. Internal 500mAh Lithium battery
  10. Compliant with EU/USA certification CE/FCC
  11. Modes of vertical precise, horizontal precise measurement and triggering threshold
  12. Auto Measurement: frequency, cycle time, duty cycle, DC RMS voltage/Vpp /Vmax/Vmin/Vavg
  13. Inbuilt signal Generator:10Hz~1MHz square wave (duty adjustable) or 10Hz~20KHz Sine/ Square/Triangle/Sawtooth wave

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1 x DS212 Mini Pocket Portable Oscilloscope

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