Digi XBee3 PRO 2.4GHz ZB3.0 RP-SMA Female Antenna

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  1. Serial Data Interface: Uart, Spi, I2c.
  2. Onboard Connector: RP-SMA Female.
  3. Frequency Band: ISM 2.4 GHz.
  4. Interference: Immunity Dsss (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum).
  5. Adc Inputs: (4) 10-bit Adc Inputs
  6. Digital I/o: 15

3,499.00 4,999.00 incl. GST

The Digi XBee3 PRO 2.4GHz ZB3.0 RP-SMA Antenna, Digi XBee3 modules accelerate time to market for designers, OEMs, and solution providers by quickly enabling wireless connectivity and easy-to-add functionality. Building on industry-leading technology, pre-certified Digi XBee3 modules offer the flexibility to switch between multiple frequencies and wireless protocols as needed.

Digi XBee3 PRO 2.4GHz ZB3.0 RP-SMA Antenna offers a fully interoperable ecosystem covering all vertical markets including building automation, smart energy, digital health, intelligent lighting, and others. With Digi Remote Manager, Digi XBee3 modules can be easily configured and controlled from a simple, central platform.

Built-in Digi TrustFence security, identity, and data privacy features use more than 175 controls to protect against new and evolving cyber threats. MicroPython and XCTU software tools simplify adding functionality, configuration, and testing.

The difference between XBee and XBee Pro is:

  1. XBee-PRO TH modules are slightly longer than regular XBees (except for TH XBee3 modules).
  2. XBee-PRO modules typically use more power.
  3. The XBee-PRO has a longer range than the XBee.
  4. The XBee-PRO typically has a higher MSRP.

Key Features :

At 13 mm x 19 mm, the new Digi XBee3 micro form factor allows for more compact and portable applications Digi XBee3 is one module for all protocols including ZigBee, 802.15.4, DigiMesh and BLE, all configurable via Digi XCTU

Eliminate the need for an external microcontroller and create smart end nodes and low-end gateways using MicroPython

Intrinsic IoT security with Digi TrustFence, a layered approach securing the edge device, through the gateway, into and out of the IoT



  1. Serial Data Interface: Uart, Spi, I2c
  2. Configuration Method: API Or At Commands, Local Or Over-the-air (Ota)
  3. Frequency Band: ISM 2.4 GHz
  4. Form Factor: Micro, Through-hole, Surface Mount
  5. Interference: Immunity Dsss (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
  6. Adc Inputs: (4) 10-bit Adc Inputs
  7. Digital I/o: 15
  8. Antenna Options:
    1. Through-hole: Pcb Antenna, U.fl Connector, RP-SMA Female Connector
    2. Smt: Rf Pad, Pcb Antenna, Or U.fl Connector
    3. Micro: U.fl Antenna, Rf Pad, Chip Antenna
  9. Operating Temperature -40º C To +85º C

Package Includes:

1 x Digi XBee3 PRO 2.4GHz ZB3.0 RP-SMA Female Antenna.


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