LM7805 Voltage Regulator IC (pack of 20)

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  • Fixed-Output Regulator
  • Positive Regulator in Negative Configuration
  • Adjustable Output Regulator
  • Current Regulator
  • Adjustable DC Voltage Regulator
  • Regulated Dual-Supply
  • Output Polarity-Reversal-Protection Circuit
  • Reverse bias projection Circuit

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Voltage sources in a circuit may have fluctuations resulting in not providing fixed voltage outputs. A voltage regulator IC maintains the output voltage at a constant value. 7805 IC, a member of 78xx series of fixed linear voltage regulators used to maintain such fluctuations, is a popular voltage regulator integrated circuit (IC). The xx in 78xx indicates the output voltage it provides. 7805 IC provides +5 volts regulated power supply with provisions to add a heat sink.

package includes :

  • 1 x 78055v IC

Output Voltage: 5V

Line Regulation (max): 100mV

Load Regulation (max): 120mV

Dropout Voltage: 2V

Output Resistance: 17mΩ

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