L293D DIP Motor Driver IC (pack of 10 )

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  • Wide range of supply voltage from 4.5 to 36v
  • Separate Input Logic Supply can be provided
  • Output Current per channel 1A for L293 and 600mA for L293D
  • Peak Current per channel 2A  for L293 and 1.2A for L293D
  • Output Clamp diodes are provided to drive inductive loads in L293D.
  • Automatic Thermal Shutdown

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L293D are quadruple half H Bridge driver having high current capability. It can also be seen as a dual H Bridge driver for driving Motors. L293D can provide currents up to 600mA and L293 can provide currents up to 1A at voltages ranging from 4.5 to 36. Both L293 and L293D are designed to drive inductive loads such as solenoids, relays, dc motors, bipolar stepper motors and other high current or voltage applications.

Package includes :

  • 1 x L293D DIP Motor Driver IC

Current 600 mA
IC L293
Type Motor driver Circuit

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