SeedStudio Seeeduino XIAO Expansion Board

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  1. Power Supply: 5v / 3.7V Lithium Battery
  2. RTC chip: PCF8563T/5
  3. RTC battery: CR1220
  4. Expandable memory Mini SD Card
  5. Screen: 0.96 OLED display
  6. Charging current Max: 460mA

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A powerful functional expansion board for Seeeduino XIAO of only half Raspberry Pi 4 size. It enables build prototype and project in an easy and quick way. With its rich peripherals including OLED, RTC, expandable memory, passive buzzer, RESET/User button, 5V servo connector, multiple data interfaces… you could explore infinite possibilities of Seeeduino XIAO. Circuit python is also well supported by this board.

Hardware Overview:

SeedStudio Seeeduino XIAO Expansion Board

SeedStudio Seeeduino XIAO Expansion Board

Rich peripherals on board including:

  • OLED display: Visual data display without connecting to PC, which enables debug in a more efficient way, and builds application such as a sensor hub, data monitor system, .etc
  • RESET button: No more jumper wire and short circuit, easy reset with just one click.
  • SWD debug: SWD pin led out as male pin header, making debugger connection and firmware download much easier.
  • High precision RTC: High precision real-time clock with battery backup, enable maintain accurate time when the main power is turned off.
  • Expandable memory: With a mini SD card slot on the back, no worry about memory limit any more when adding libraries and using circuit python.
  • User button: Besides the RESET button, also provide another user-defined button.
  • Passive buzzer: Same passive buzzer on Wio Terminal, with which you could change the PMW frequency to award different beep sound to get a “buzzer music”.
  • Grove connectors: All pin led out, plug and play grove connectors support common data protocols (Grove IIC2, Grove UART1, A0/D0 Grove*1)
  • Lipo Battery Charging: JST2.0mm standard lipo battery connector and battery management system, supports both USB and lipo battery power supply, and easy onboard battery recharge.
  • 5V servo connector: 5V output led out to male header for 5V servo and sensor connection.


  • Quick Prototyping: Easy debug and Reset with RESET button and SWD pin led out to the male header. 0.96” OLED, enables visual data to display without PC serial monitor.
  • Rich peripherals: OLED display, RTC, expandable memory space, passive buzzer, user button, onboard battery management chip… One board on hand to explore infinite possibilities of Seeeduino XIAO.
  • No Soldering Needed: All pin led out. Convenient plug and play Grove connectors support multiple data protocols, including IIC, Uart, Analog/Digital.
  • Circuit Python Supported: Well supports circuit python. Mini SD card slot enables memory space to expand, making it possible to allocate more libraries needed in prototyping and project building.
  • Mini Size: Compact and elegant with only half Raspberry Pi 4 size, perfect for tiny and wearable projects.

Package Includes:

1 x SeedStudio Seeeduino XIAO Expansion Board

Note: Seeeduino Xiao Module is shown in Image is not included in Package you have to buy it separately. 

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