Renewable Energy Generator- Wind Turbine

This product is a vertical axis wind mill. The terms wind energy or wind power describes the process by which the wind is used to generate mechanical power which can be further utilized to produce electricity.

It contains a vertical axis rotor, a gear assembly, a stepper motor as power generator, and an LED to indicate the generation of electric energy.

3,399.00 3,699.00 incl. GST

This Project, “Renewable Energy Generator- Wind Turbine”, generates electricity when the motor is driven by the rotor of turbine. A wind turbine works like a high-tech version of an old-fashioned windmill. The wind blows on the angled blades of the rotor, causing it to spin, converting some of the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy.

Package include :

  • 1 x Renewable Energy Generator- Wind Turbine

Design Software: CATIA

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