Orange 3S 11.1V 10A Battery Management System( without Casing)

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  1. Charge voltage:12.6 V
  2. Charge current:5 A
  3. Continuous discharge current: 10A
  4. Balance Detect Voltage:4.18 V
  5. State of charge calculations.
  6. Cell over-voltage and under-voltage protection.
  7. Intelligent battery balancing (passive).

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Orange 3S 11.1V 10A Battery Management System Circuit(Without Casing) is a 3 Cell in Series 11.1V circuit power tool mostly used for solar lighting. It is designed for lithium Batteries for charging, Protection from overcharge, and Overdischarge. The battery protection board, as the name suggests battery protection board is mainly rechargeable and protects the integrated circuit board.

Lithium batteries (rechargeable type) so need protection, is determined by their own characteristics. As the Orange lithium battery, its material determines itself can not be overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, and ultra-high temperature charge and discharge, so lithium battery lithium components will always follow A protective plate with a sampling resistor, and a current fuse.


  1. State of charge calculations.
  2. Cell over-voltage and under-voltage protection.
  3. Intelligent battery balancing (passive).
  4. Fully sealed waterproof technology, with waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-squeezing, and other protective functions.

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1 x Orange 3S 11.1V 10A Battery Management System

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