Lithium Ion Ebike 3P7S 7.8AH 24V Battery

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  1. Battery Capacity: 7.8Ah
  2. Output Voltage: 24VDC
  3. USB charging port: can use as 5V 2A-3A gadgets charger.
  4. With aluminum alloy waterproof case.
  5. High-quality alloy mounted lower reed pipe rack.
  6. Semi-hidden battery installation.
  7. Easy locking and Unlocking for replacement

9,949.00 12,500.00 incl. GST

Are you looking for a systematic battery pack for your DIY eBike project with the capacity up to 8Ah, here you can end your search!. After finding many suppliers for eBike battery we have imported and tested some of them for their performance and quality and finalized this reliable eBike battery.

This battery is designed in such a way it can be installed on any platform like bike middle rod or back carrier of the bike. For protecting the battery from all environmental parameters it is built in an aluminium case. With a battery holding stand which is also made of aluminium and locking feature with separate keys through which you can easily attach and detach the battery for a long run or for a replacement for charging. the stand is designed in such a way that

This battery pack has 7.8Ah capacity with constant 24V DC output. At the top side, the battery has a status LED with a check button which gives you the status of battery percentage with three different colours. A side panel has one standard USB-A female output port for gadget charging with DC 5V and up to 3A output and 5mm input female DC jack for charging the battery.

To assure the quality of the battery we are providing the 6 months manufacturing defect warranty.


  1. DC charging port can use as 2A/3A charger.
  2. With aluminium alloy waterproof case.
  3. High-quality alloy mounted lower reed pipe rack.
  4. Semi-hidden battery installation.

Package Includes:

1 x 3P7S 24V 7.8AH Lithium-Ion Ebike Battery.

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