The drive module can directly drive four DC motors, drive the car chassis is 4WD 4 choice .Driving battery big up to 1A generally smart car motor current 100-300MA only four are sufficient to meet the control requirements .While leaving Road stepper motor interface can drive Road five line four-phase stepper motor or Road, two-phase four-wire stepper motor, very suitable for precise control requirements. .Leaving the corresponding interface can be directly connected to the steering gear, infrared obstacle avoidance and other peripherals.While leaving charger interface, bouncing switch, hand into the charger to charge rechargeable batteries .Very convenient! .The four DC motor driver module, using ST’s original new L293D chip, SMT technology, high stability, high quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the circuit stability .Can directly drive 4-way 3-16V DC motor, and provides a 5V output interface (input as little as 6V), you can give 5V microcontroller circuit system power supply (low ripple factor), support 3.3V MCU ARM control, you can easily control DC motor speed and direction can be controlled two-phase stepper motor, 5-wire 4-phase stepper motor .It is a 4 car, smart car essential tool.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x One New Dual-H Bridge L293D 4 DC Motor Driver Module Robot 4WD Smart Car