Bluster Vehicle Kit

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  1. Easy to assemble and use.
  2. Light-weight.
  3. Ideal for kids between ages 9 and 14.
  4. Plug and play.
  5. No coding required.

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This Bluster Vehicle Kit is our own vehicle kit. The vehicle kit is designed with the sole purpose of racing. It is designed keeping in mind the love of vehicles and racing amongst the kids, between the ages of 9 and 14.

The vehicle kit is easy to assemble and use. Also, it comes with wired remote control, with the wire being 2m in length. The kit is made of acrylic which makes it light-weight and strong.

Moreover, this kit does not require any kind of programming. All you need is a single battery (included in the kit) and you can start playing with this vehicle kit.

We provide the graphical stickers with the kit which are not attached to the kit to preserve the quality of the stickers. These are cut-out to the actual parts of the kit and are easy to use.

Package Includes:

6 x EasyMech SS 304 Philips Head M3 X 8 mm Bolt

6 x EasyMech SS 304 Philips Head M3 X 10 mm Bolt

6 x EasyMech SS 304 CSK Countersunk Philips Head M3 X 30 mm Bolt

4 x M3 X 10mm Female-Female Brass Hex Threaded Pillar Standoff Spacer

4 x M3 X 35mm Female to Female Brass Hex Threaded Pillar Standoff Spacer

2 x DPDT Rocker Momentary Switch

2 x 300 RPM BO Motor-Straight

2 x 65mm Robot Wheel Grade B for BO Motors (Yellow)

1 x Ball caster wheel Small

1 x SmartElex Li-ion 1’s charger

1 x Multicolor Flat Ribbon Cable 10 wire (2 meters)

1 x Switch Box

1 x Orange ICR 18650 2500mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

1 x Multipurpose Double Sided Sponge Glue Adhesive Dash pad

1 x 2 in 1 Philips Screw Driver For DIY Robot Car

1 x Bluster Kit

1 x Bluster Stickers

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