1k ohm Resistor Tolerance ±5%

  • Value : 1 kΩ / 1000 Ω
  • Type : 4 Band
  • Colour Code : Brown, Black, Red, Gold
  • Multiplier : Red, 100
  • Tolerance : Gold Band ±5%

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The value of the resistance is expressed as a number of ohms (the symbol Ω is used for ”ohm”). The number of ohms is coded with a color and appears as a band on the device itself. Three color bands are used to represent the value because we only encode the first significant figure, the second significant figure and the number of zeros. In this lesson, we work this out for a 1k Ω resistor where ”k” is the abbreviation for the prefix ”kilo”, meaning 1000. So, a 1k Ω resistor has a value of 1000 ohms and the number we will code is 1000.

Package include :

  • 1 x 1k ohm Resistor

Resistance: 1k ohms (1,000 ohms)

Power rating; 0.25W

Tolerance: ±5%

Maximum working voltage: 250V

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