Square Gearbox Motor – 480RPM

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  1. Base Motor RPM: 6000
  2. Rated Speed: 480 RPM
  3. Rated Voltage: 12 V
  4. Rated Torque: 3 kg-cm
  5. Stall Torque: 12 kg-cm
  6. Shaft Length: 25.6 mm

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The Square GearBox Motor is mechanically commutated DC electric motor which simply means that these motors equip Gearboxes for providing a great balance between torque-speed as per your requirement.

So, Square GearBox Motor is a simple DC motor of 6000RPM(Base Motor RPM) which features a heavy-duty metal gearbox. This Square gearBox DC motor is a very high torque motor which should be used to make big robots or robotized platform.

The motor will run at 480 RPM when powered with 12V DC supply. It produces the massive torque of 3 kg-cm at 480 RPM.

The motor shaft is made up of good quality Engineering steel with nickel plating to handle high Torsion Stress. The shaft of the motor equips metal bushes which makes these DC gear motors Shaft wear resistant. The Square GearBox Motor’s shaft is the D-type shaft which ensures strong and safe coupling.

The Square GearBox Motor is very easy to use and available in standard size. Their wide application areas include Robot Development, centralized air conditioning valve, amusement equipment, coin refund devices, grill, oven, peristaltic pumps, atm bank automatic system, medical equipment, office equipment, household appliances, automatic actuator and many other Industrial applications.

The recommended driver module for this motor is  SmartElex 15S or you can choose the most precise motor diver module from the wide range available in our Motor divers category as per your specific requirements.

Note: Depending upon the Manufacturer given dimensions may vary in the range of ±5%

We have following Square gearbox DC motor with different torque values, (click on RPM values for more details about each motor)

10  – 22 kg-cm
30 – 19 kg-cm
60 – 16 kg-cm
100 – 14 kg-cm
150 – 11 kg-cm
240 – 8.5 kg-cm
300 – 7 kg-cm
480 – 3 kg-cm

Features : 

  1. High-Torque DC Motors.
  2. It has a very strong and sturdy construction.
  3. The drive shaft is supported with metal bushes.
  4. D-type shaft.

Package Includes:

1 x Square Gearbox Motor – 480RPM

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