Regenerative Braking System

This product is capable of capturing much of the wasted energy while braking and put it back to work. This also reduces fuel consumption. Hence regenerative braking plays an important role in fuel consumption and also in the field of speed control.

Our main motive is to build a mechanism which can be attached to the brake assembly of any existing vehicle. This system consists of a rotating pulley which is placed near the wheel. When the brakes are applied, the pulley comes in contact with the rotating wheel and absorbs the kinetic energy and transmits this energy to a generator which produces electricity.

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This Project, “Regenerative Braking System”, is an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle or object by converting its kinetic energy into a form which can be either used immediately or stored until needed. This contrasts with conventional braking systems, where the excess kinetic energy is converted to unwanted and wasted heat by friction in the brakes. In addition to improving the overall efficiency of the vehicle, regeneration can greatly extend the life of the braking system as its parts do not wear as quickly.

Package include :

  • 1 x Regenerative Braking System
  • 12V Adapter is provided as a power source.
  • Design Software: CATIA.

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