Power Generation using Speed breaker

This product is a Proof of Concept of how we can generate clean energy from the busy traffic. The basic principle is the conversion of the mechanical energy into electrical energy which is widely used concept.

Since this mechanism is convenient to produce ample amount of energy with maximum efficiency, we have chosen this method for our project with a very simple and effective design for generating electricity using a roller mechanism.

3,449.00 3,699.00 incl. GST

This Project, “Power Generation Using Speed Breaker”, is designed and developed as a concept which can be used on roads (speed breakers). A roller is placed in such a way that, when any vehicle passes over the speed breakers, it absorbs the kinetic energy from the vehicle and rotates the shaft of generator which generates electricity.

Package include :

  • 1 x Power Generation using Speed breaker

Design Software: CATIA.

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