Orange MG555 12V 10RPM Square Gearbox DC motor- Encoder Compatible

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  1. Rated current (mA): ≤2500.
  2. Rated power (W): 8.915.
  3. Rated Torque (N-cm): 7.812
  4. Rated speed: 10 RPM.
  5. Shaft length (mm): 27.
  6. Shaft diameter (mm): 8.
  7. Base motor RPM: 6000.

1,199.00 1,299.00 incl. GST

This Orange MG555 12V 10RPM Square Gearbox DC motor is high torque motor i.e. 781.2 N-cm with a gear ratio of 478K. The main feature of this motor is it has a 27mm long shaft with M4 tapping and a diameter of 8mm.

Normally the motor available in the market is having a shaft length of 20 ~ 22 mm long; but we have customized the shaft of this motor to meet customers’ requirements. So it’s too easy to mount a wheel or any type of coupling on the shaft.

Additionally, we made this motor encoder enabled with rear-shaft to mount the encoder for your convenience. You can mount the encoder easily if it is needed in your application. The compatible OE-37 hall effect Encoder can be mounted to the rear shaft of the motor which acts as a feedback encoder to provide the real-time feedback of speed and rotating position of Motor.

The applications of this motor are Central air conditioning valve, Amusement equipment, Coin refund devices, Grill, Oven; Peristaltic pump, ATM bank automatic system, Medical equipment, Office equipment, Household appliance, Automatic actuator and many more.


  1. Lightweight and compact-sized motor with high performance.
  2. 27mm long customized shaft for ease of mounting.
  3. It has a sturdy construction.
  4. Comes with Rear shaft for encoder mounting
  5. The Shaft is D type hence wheel/ coupling arrangement is simple.
  6. The motor is useful for hobbyists and for DIY projects.

Package Includes:

1 x Orange MG555 12V 10RPM Square Gearbox DC motor

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