Motor Controller 36V for MY1020Z 800W

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  1. Output Power: 800W.
  2. Output Voltage: 36V.
  3. Current capacity: 15A

2,110.00 4,999.00 incl. GST

This Motor Controller 36V for MY1020Z 800W is suitable e. g. for electric scooter, (SMFC) scooter, e-scooter, fun-scooter, trottinette, pocket bike, pocket bike, tricycle, quad bike, electric quad bike, kids quad bike, longboard, electric board, e-board, electric bike, e-bike, recumbent bike, soap-box, rickshaw, trishaw, Velotaxi, tensile devices.

Also for Tensile device for wheelchairs, electric wheelchair, railway, garden railway, model railway, narrow gauge railway, cart, electric car, e-car, golf cart, hand bike, pedal boat, electric pedal boat, plane, helicopter, model making, miniature making, theater engineering, stage engineering, industry, machines.
This DC Controller manages the whole board electric, like motor speed, light, controlled lamp, brake and brake light.

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Connections diagram :


Package Includes :

1 x Motor Controller 36V for MY1020Z 800W.


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