E3D 12V Direct Drive Lite6 HotEnd-1.75mm

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Lite6 is the lower-cost HotEnd from E3D, & is V6 Ecosystem compatible. Customise your HotEnd here.

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A high temperature all metal hotend such as the E3D v6 is not needed by everyone, the Lite6 fills this gap. The E3D Lite6 is a reliable high-quality 3D printer hotend that is very low cost and meets the budget for anyone just starting out in 3D printing.

The Lite6 is a mostly metal design, it uses a PTFE Liner to bring costs down. This allows it to compete in the same price range of all the low-cost hotends, including many of the clones.

Lite6 is the v6’s little brother. It is a conservative hotend, which is great for beginners or those on a tight budget.

The E3D Lite hotend is designed for the enthusiast who wants to fine-tune their printing without the need for high temperatures. For ABS and PLA 3D printing filament, as well as flexible filaments, E3D Lite6 hotends perform amazingly well.

Like the v6 line, the Lite6 includes a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) tube to help keep the thermal transition sharp inside the hotend, as well as the ability to hold any 1.75mm E3D nozzle. For an economical hotend that will help you fine-tune your prints before moving into higher temperature materials, the E3D Lite can’t be beaten.

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1 x E3D 12V Direct Drive Lite6 HotEnd-1.75mm

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