PIMORONI Cooling Fan SHIM for Raspberry Pi

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  1. No Soldering Required
  2. Easy to Assemble
  3. Good Airflow
  4. Low Power Consumption

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PIMORONI Fan SHIM uses a friction-fit header, so it just slips onto your Pi’s pins and it’s ready to go, no soldering required!  The fan can be controlled in software, so you can do crafty things like toggle it on when the CPU reaches a certain temperature.

It comes with the LED as a handy visual indicator to show fan status, CPU load/temperature, whatever! Additionally, the tactile switch can also be programmed, so you can use it to toggle the fan on or off, or to switch between temperature-triggered or manual mode


  1. When mounting or detaching the fan, or assembled Fan SHIM, do not push on the fan itself, as it is liable to break.
  2. Be careful to mount your Fan SHIM on the correct pins on your Pi, with the Pi shut down and power disconnected. Shifting it left by one pin or down a full row of pins could cause damage to both the Fan SHIM and the Pi. Check out the photos in the tutorial if you’re not sure.
  3. Not heatsink-compatible!
  4. Because Fan SHIM uses pin BCM18 to control the fan, and this pin is also used by I2S audio devices, you won’t be able to use I2S DACs like pHAT DAC, pHAT BEAT, and the IQAudio boards at the same time as Fan SHIM


  1. 30mm 5V DC fan with 4,200 RPM
  2. 0.05 m3/min airflow
  3. 18.6 dB acoustic noise (whisper-quiet)
  4. Friction-fit header
  5. No soldering required
  6. RGB LED (APA102)
  7. Tactile switch
  8. Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 (and 3 B+, 3 A+)

Package Includes:

1 x PIMORONI Cooling  Fan SHIM for Raspberry Pi

1 x 30mm 5V DC fan with JST connector

1 x M2.5 nuts and bolts

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Suitable for Raspberry Pi B / Raspberry Pi B+ / Raspberry Pi A+ / Raspberry Pi 2

Size (L x W x H): Approx. 3 x 3 x 1 cm / 1.18 x 1.18 x 0.39 inch

Connector: 2 pin

Rated Voltage: DC 5V

Current: 0.2A

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