2208 80KV Gimbal Brushless Motor

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  1. Pole: 14
  2. Weight: 40 gms
  3. Cable Length: 65mm
  4. Motor KV: 80 KV
  5. Load Capacity: 100-200 gm
  6. Connector type: Futaba/JR compatible

719.00 980.00 incl. GST

Have you been thinking about a brushless gimbal for your Multi-Rotor to feed your cinematographer, inner child? Don’t get suckered into buying a sub-par overpriced kit. Do the math and look at the value of these ready to go Quantum brushless gimbal motors.

The 2208 80KV Gimbal Brushless Motor is pre-wound for optimal torque and smoothness. Available in two sizes, picked for the two most common class cameras.

The 2208/80KV Gimbal Brushless Motor comes with a servo style connector making it easy to connect with gimbal controllers. As the gimbal motor has to survive too much drags in its operational life hence it equips flexible cable for nice and efficient balancing. In total, this wire and connector assembly is a Plug-N-Play system.

Build your gimbal right at the first time, with this high power to weight ratio Brushless 2208 80KV Gimbal Motor and take your setup to the next level with Quantum Quality.

2208 80KV Gimbal Brushless Motor is the perfect size for a GoPro class cameras (100-200g).  It has superb Fit and Finishes. It is engineered to have a lean profile for easy integration into your set-up. 2208 80KV Gimbal Brushless Motor has preloaded bearings for the slop-free precision mount.

It equips 14 poles (one of the highest counts for this sized motor) for ultra-smooth motion.

Looking to make your video platform ultra-smooth? or Whatever your use is, if it needs to be stabilized then this  2208 80KV Gimbal Brushless Motor is up to the task.

If you want Gimbal motor with comparatively less torque and weight carrying capacity, Choose the one from below

2204 260KV Brushless Gimbal Motor

2805 140KV Gimbal Brushless Motor

Package includes:

1 x 2208 80KV Gimbal Brushless Motor

4 x Socket Head Cap (Allen) Bolts for motor fittings

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