We are pleased to introduce PRAYOG INDIA (Prayog Tech) we are on a mission to explore the world of Science & Technology. Since inception in 2013, the company has expanded to become a national provider of hands-on Robotics, science and technology education in India. PRAYOG INDIA (Prayog Tech) is an online retail store that sells Robotics & electronics components as well as complete projects, Kits, and components to make your hardware possible. Whether it’s a robot that can fight a robot or an accident avoiding systems, mechanical project, Science project or software project we have everything in our store.

We have developed more than 500 + Science & Engineering projects & kits for students who belong to the different trades. Such as engineering students and school students. In addition to above products PRAYOG INDIA (Prayog Tech), has a vision to offer online tutorials Guidance, YouTube Guidance and we offer at our place for Basic and Advance Training in Different Programs that are designed to help educate students, hobbyists, and individuals in the wonderful world of engineering.

Science Fun Activities

  • Idea Screening Competition
  • Intership
  • Students Exchange Program
  • Career Building Session
  • Training and Workshops
  • Science Exhibition
  • Science symposium
  • Summer Camp
  • Global Conference
  • Science Field Trip
  • Talent Search Schemes

Prime Area of Training and Workshop

  • School Science experiment
  • Robotics (Manual & Autonomous)
  • AeroModelling Building & Flying
  • Astronomy (Space Education)

Talent Exploring Activities

  • Science Exhibition/Project fair
  • Engineering Internship/Training
  • Talent Search Competition
  • Science Field Trip
  • Expert Guidance & Support for

Our Vision

It has been observed that technology, games gadgets, and gizmos fascinate the youth, especially children. The curiosity about ‘how things work’ inspires them to take up sciences at the school level. Engineering as a professional course emerges as a natural option for this segment. However, while pursuing engineering, love for technology starts to slowly diminish. By the time students become pre-final or final year graduates, they develop a feeling that technology is something that is too complex to pursue. The ‘disconnect’ with technology becomes fully apparent at the time of selecting career options.

No wonder the leap from being mere being ‘user of technology’ to an ‘innovator of technology’ rarely happens. The link between engineering- technology- entrepreneurship is evidently missing in India.

We want to be an innovative leading organization fulfilling educational needs in the technological space and to revolutionize the area of technological learning.

Our Belief

Our definition of success is your success. As a committed engineering partner, we will combine our expertise and innovation strength with yours to create product design solutions that add value with a sustainable competitive edge. With our deep engineering experience and innovative application of simulation-driven design methods

Our People

Engineers at Prayog are highly motivated and work with great commitment and focus towards client satisfaction. Our team has advanced degrees in engineering and have a multi-disciplinary skill base in engineering, We continuously improve our team’s knowledge spectrum and invest heavily in our professional and personal development.


Prayog encourages and fosters a culture of team work and knowledge sharing. This is a key component of our innovation strategy. We facilitate cross-group technical discussions and activities in support of projects and are further aided by our formal intranet to disseminate project knowledge on-demand. To know more details plz visit our office at working hour.