In the kit touch screen and GSM based fastest messaging system in any organization or company; there is information that keeps flowing among the people of the organization. For this reason the people are required to be called by some authority frequently. Here we have designed a one touch fast messaging system to solve these problems. There is a touch screen from which a person can select a user from the group and can select the message. After the selections, he can send the message to the relevant person by pressing ok. It can be used for fast calling system also. The user has to neither type a message or the number and hence it works faster.

In the kit touch screen and GSM based fastest messaging system the touch screen is a four wire resistive touch screen which is interface with analog pins of the microcontroller. The microcontroller reads the coordinate of touch by measuring the change in voltage on the pins of the controller. The GSM modem is connected with the microcontroller and works on UART port. There is a dot matrix LCD connected with the microcontroller for display of the message and the number. The logo behind the touch screen assists the user on the touch screen. The system requires 12V 1A of power supply.