The kit TFT based advance data logger, A data logger is a device that records measurements over time. The measurements could be any physical variable like temperature, pressure, voltage, humidity, etc. This project describes how to build a mini logger that record surrounding temperature values. It has following features; it continuously reads the atmospheric pressure and temperature. There is a real time clock for timing information. The TFT based display is for the time display and data display.

In the kit TFT based advance data logger the pressure and temperature works on I2C communication. The real time IC also supports the same protocol; hence a single I2C bus is shared among these two devices. TFT works on SPI communication. Here we have used the hardware based SPI for fast display on the screen. I2C is also hardware based. All the communications are controlled by the AVR microcontroller. A power supply unit is there which is having rectifier, filter and regulator. The rating is 12V 1A for the power supply. The whole system can be upgraded in future such that sends the data to the PC. Also a memory element like SD card can be used to save the data over the period of time.