This Kit is being designed to bring the RF technology (range limited wireless communication) in use that is widely used wireless communication system. It is used in different applications in different forms like security systems, attendance system, wireless control unit etc.

In this system we are using this technology to make a wireless remote through which we can control the door in a definite range without touching the door. The authenticated user who knows the password will have to send a particular sequence of code (password) from remote end; as soon as the code matches the door will be opened for a definite time interval and will be closed automatically.

In this Kit door aces control using RF Technology there are two sections one is transmitter end and other is receiver end. In transmitter it takes four bit parallel data from switches and encodes by the encoder IC and transmitted through transmitter these signals are transmitted at a particular frequency and a baud rate. A receiver can receive these signals (same sequence) only if it is configured for that frequency. The input signals, at the transmitter side, are taken through four switches while the outputs are monitored on a set of four data pins corresponding to each input switch.