PIXY Pan and Tilt Mechanism for Pixy Smart Vision Cameras

  1. Pan-Tilt angle: 135º
  2. Compatible with Pixy 1.0 and CMUcam5
  3. This pan/tilt kit is not compatible with the Pixy CMUcam5 Image Sensor – LEGO

2,850.00 3,499.00 incl. GST

This is PIXY Pan and Tilt Mechanism for Pixy Smart Vision Cameras. It provides two axes of movement which can help Pixy track objects outside its field of vision. It’s simple to put together and the pan/tilt program is built into PixyMon so you can be up and running quickly.

Complete assembly instructions are available from the Charmed Labs wiki. The “hello world” demo for this kit introduces Pixy and works no Arduino required. There is no need for a battery to move the pan/tilt as it can use a USB cable for power but you must use a 4 ft or shorter cable.

There are lots of different types of fasteners included in this kit:

  • 4-40 fastener long and short
  • Servo horn fastener
  • Tapping fastener long and short


  • The pan/tilt mechanism is not compatible with Pixy for LEGO Mindstorms. Comes in a kit and requires some assembly.
  • The package does not contain the Camera sensor you have to purchase it Separately.

Package Includes :

2 x servomotors
1 x custom acrylic base
4 x Rubber feet
1 x all necessary hardware set


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