Four Way Hacksaw

This machine is built on a rigid steel frame consisting of four hacksaw blades connected perpendicularly in a horizontal plane. The high torque DC Motor is fixed at the centre of the frame on the same horizontal plane. A number of links, fixtures and movable parts are attached between the motor as well as the blades to convert the rotational motion of the motor shaft to reciprocating motion of the cutting blades. It is an industrially ready to use machine with efficient and long term usage capability. .

19,599.00 20,000.00 incl. GST

In present condition many electrically operated power hacksaw machines of different companies with different specifications are available for the use in shop floor but they have one and major disadvantage that those are able to cut single piece of bar at a time.

Our objective is to demonstrate a mechanically efficient 4-way hacksaw system which uses a single DC power source to power 4 hacksaw cutting blades simultaneously. A high torque DC Motor is used to perform four cutting operations together in order to save overall time and energy than repeating cutting operations with a single power source.

Package include :

  •  1 x Four Way Hacksaw

1. 12V Adapter is provided as a power source.

2. Design Software: CATIA.

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