Blue 1.3″ I2C IIC Serial 128X64 OLED Module

The voltage standard in the United States is 110v-120v and in India it is 220v-240v.

  • Size: 1.3″ inches
  • Resolution: 128×64pixels
  • Viewing angle: greater than 160deg
  • Power: 0.04W (low-power mode)
  • Input voltage: 3.3V~5VDC
  • Working temperature: –30~80°C
  • Size: 27mm×27mm×4.1mm
  • Driver IC: SSD1306
  • Communication: I2C
  • Backlight: OLED self-lit (no backlight)
  • Pixel Color: white

650.00 771.00

DescriptionOLED?s basic structure consists of organic materials positioned between the cathode and the anode, which is composed of electric conductive transparent Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). The organic materials compose a multi-layered thin film, which includes the Hole Transporting Layer (HTL), Emission Layer (EML) and the Electron Transporting Layer (ETL). By applying the appropriate electric voltage, holes and electrons are injected into the EML from the anode and the cathode, respectively. The holes and electrons combine inside the EML to form excitons, after which electroluminescence occurs. The transfer material, emission layer material and choice of electrode are the key factors that determine the quality of OLED components.

Technical Specifications

  • 1. The display unit can self-luminous
  • 2. High resolution: 128 * 64
  • 3. Ultra-low power consumption: 0.04W
  • 4. Voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V DC
  • 5. Working Temperature: -30 ? ~ 80 ?
  • 6. Light color: Blue
  • 7. Viewing angle:> 160 °

Package Includes:

  • 1. One Piece new Blue 1.3″ I2C IIC Serial 128X64 OLED SPI Module
  • 2. Module can be used with Arduino, Mbed, ARM or any other MCU

Operating Voltage: 3.3~5VDC

Connects via I2C to any microcontroller or single-board computer

Works with ESP8266, Arduino, 8051, MSP420, STM32, Raspberry Pi!

Pixel Color: white. Resolution: 128×64 pixels; Size: 0.96in (diagonal)

Built-in SSD1306 driver; I2C address: 0x3C

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